Movie sequels that took decades to get off the ground

Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting is a pitch black comedy that features the creepiest baby, the filthiest toilet, and the most memorable bunch of drug addicts in cinema history. The 1996 film was a smash hit that put Ewan McGregor and director Danny Boyle on the map, but the ending left a lot of people wondering about what happened to Mark Renton. Did he choose a career? Did he choose a family? Did he choose a freaking big television?

Well, literature lovers got their answer in 2002, when Welsh wrote a follow-up novel titled Porno. But as for film fans, they had to wait a little bit longer. Why’s that? Well, firstly, original screenwriter John Hodge tried adapting Welsh’s second book, but the script just didn’t work. Secondly, once-frequent collaborators McGregor and Boyle had a huge falling out after a debacle surrounding 2000’s The Beach. Boyle led McGregor to believe he would play the lead in the film, but the director picked Leonardo DiCaprio instead….

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