Megan Rapinoe’s Girlfiend — Plus Why She Does Not Sing the National Anthem

“I haven’t experienced police brutality, or racism, in that way,” she told the outlet. “But knowing that it obviously happens, and knowing that it’s a very real thing, and that there’s something I can do to lend to that movement, or lend to those voices, or to support them, that’s important.”

She concluded, “I’ll probably never put my hand over my heart. I’ll probably never sing the national anthem again.”

Megan hopes to defend the U.S. World Cup title. 

The soccer star has played with the Women’s National Soccer team for 13 years and continues to be a crucial player in their continued success. Megan helped the team win the coveted World Cup title in 2015; she also played in the 2012 Olympics, which saw the team win gold.

Overall, she’s a force of positive energy and female…

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