Meet Temmora Levy From ‘Ms. T’s Music Factory’ —  Her Husband and Songs

“They’re the transportation. I’m the inspiration…”

Ms. T’s Music Factory follows singer Temmora Levy as she helps train rising talent in the music industry in Memphis, Tennessee. But, finding aspiring stars is the easy part of her job. The Lifetime reality series takes you behind the scenes of the drama developing on and off the stage.

With hovering parents, managing her daughter’s career in the pop group KARMA, and dealing with her own personal life, Temmora has a lot of work to do.

“Each episode, her students compete for a chance at the coveted spot to open for KARMA at one of their shows. While she makes it her priority for each child to feel loved and accepted, make no mistake, Temmora is no easy critic – if her students want to make it to the top, they better…

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