Martin McNeill’s Son — His Death, and Martin’s Tragic Fate

Alexis told the jury that since her mom had patches over her eyes from the plastic surgery, she wanted to feel each of the pills in her own hands to know what Martin was giving her because she too suspected foul play. 

The show will continue to examine how Martin enacted his plan, which was to drug and drown his wife, so he could be with another woman, Gypsy Willis.

Martin’s son overdosed following the death of his mom. 

Martin’s only son, Damian, had a girlfriend at the time, Eileen Hang. At the trial, she testified that her boyfriend’s dad asked her to flush the pills down the toilet, explaining, “He asked me to and he just lost his wife and I wanted to help.” Sadly, Damian passed away in January 2010 after overdosing on prescription pills. 

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