Love & Hip Hop's A1 Bentley Now Looks Like A TRANSGENDER!!

Love & Hip Hop’s A1 Bentley always had an unorthodox style. But now his new style is gender bending.

For years the Love & Hip Hop reality star has worn nail polish on his fingernails. Now he’s wearing women’s hairstyles, and wearing women’s clothes too. And some of his fans are wondering whether the reality star  is now transgender.

Here are the new pics of A1 Bentley’s style:

As you can see, the reality star has a short bob – a hairstyle popular with Black women in their 30s and 40s. He’s also wearing women’s Gucci sandals. And those sunglasses – are women’s too.

A1 Bentley is in the middle of a life transition. He recently broke up with his wife Lyrica Anderson — who just gave birth to…

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