Joker director confirms film’s rating, releases new pic

Why so [bleep]-ing serious?

Joker director Todd Phillips has stated that his upcoming Joaquin Phoenix-starrer will indeed be R-rated.

He dropped the news in a manner most interesting: in a reply to a fan who left a comment on his latest Instagram post, which was a haunting image of Phoenix sitting in front of a mirror and applying his Joker makeup. Phillips captioned the photo with two words that carry a double meaning: “Finishing touches.” Obviously, Phoenix is putting the finishing touches on his face paint — he still needs the Pagliacci-inspired blue eyes and bright red mouth — in the photo. Meanwhile, Phillips himself is polishing up Joker before its October 4 debut.

In the comments, a fan queried Phillips about whether one such finalization was an official rating from the Motion Picture Association of America. Phillips responded that the MPAA is going to give the film an R rating,…

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