It’s Always Sunny/The Office crossover in the works?

If Rob McElhenney and Steve Carell had their way, the gang happily would bring some sunshine to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor recently took to Instagram to announce that he and his co-stars are filming an episode of their long-running FXX comedy series on the iconic set of The Office. McElhenney also seemed to poke fun at the news that The Office, on which Carell starred as the hilarious but dim-witted Dunder Mifflin boss Michael Scott, is leaving Netflix in January 2021. McElhenney uploaded a video of himself (and fellow Sunny actors Danny DeVito and Charlie Day) outside the iconic set of The Office, saying that Always Sunny is taking over the shooting location because that show is still running and The Office isn’t.

Carell then headed to Twitter to ask McElhenney for a truce and to propose a crossover between It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office.

“Rob, this blood feud has to end. ‘It’s Always Sunny in…

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