How to Use the Giant Banana in ‘Mario Kart Tour’ to Get New Challenges

One of the reasons why Mario Kart is so compelling is because it gives users the ability to do things they can’t do in the real world — diving out of the way from giant carnivorous plants, driving a car underwater, and powering up via magic mushrooms are just a few examples.

Likewise, the release of Mario Kart Tour‘s Tokyo Tour comes with the ability to make use of a Giant Banana. So if you haven’t already monkeyed around with it, here’s how to use the Giant Banana in Mario Kart Tour.

Starting this week through Oct. 22, according to Hit C, Mario Kart Tour’s Tokyo Tour is available, and it comes with a ton of new features. It’s introducing Rosalina as a new driver, as well as a few new courses… one being the highly infamous Rainbow Road, according to Gamepur.

But one of the…

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