How Karen Gillan transformed into Nebula

While Gillan’s face and head are being worked on, additional artists tend to her hands, which are also painted completely blue (including the nails, of course). The same texturing stencil is applied to the backs of her hands, and once this is complete, there’s the little matter of Nebula’s cybernetic arms to consider.

After Gillan is made up in blue all the way down past her shoulders, she’s fitted with a pair of prosthetic sleeves — the right one featuring Nebula’s lovely blue skin tone and “seams” around the shoulder, and the left made to look completely metallic (all the better to match her left eye piece). The right arm also receives the stencil treatment and fine detailing. Gillan is then given a final once-over by the team, and then (finally) she’s done! Well, almost. There’s one last piece to the puzzle, and if hours in the makeup chair doesn’t sound like very much fun, it sounds to us like a walk in the park compared to what she has to endure next.

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