How Gotham completely changed Batman and no one noticed

To DC Comics fans, the notion that Alfred Pennyworth can be as dangerous as he is arrogant is old news, but his covert military background is a new idea to general audiences. While there were brief mentions of the character’s military background in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, we don’t see much of it materialize on-screen.

With Sean Pertwee’s take on the character in Gotham, we get a more formidable Alfred Pennyworth. He not only eventually accepts Bruce Wayne’s quest for justice, he’s the first person to train him. When bullies harass Bruce at school, Alfred teaches him to box. By the end of the series it’s commonplace to see Alfred and Bruce fighting bad guys back-to-back.

Once Alfred’s old friend and SAS comrade Reggie (David O’Hara) visits Wayne Manor in the first season’s “Red Hood,” we never see Alfred the same way. How Alfred reacts to Reggie and the darkness we see in him is impossible to unsee once you watch the episode. Afterward you look at Alfred not as a…

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