How Black Panther changed superhero movies

Superhero movies tend to look the same. Save for a signature color or a formalwear scene, it’s all based in ultramodern tech and military drab. This can be an interesting look, of course, but it does tend to blend together into a canvas of olive green, stainless steel, and dark suits. Thor shook this up admirably, and, with the release of the positively psychedelic Thor: Ragnarok, cemented its branch of the MCU as a risk-taker. For a while, you had three choices: you could be surrounded by SHIELD black, army base grey, or you could be in Asgard.

The thing about all of these aesthetics, even Thor’s, is that they’re familiar. We know how action movies look, how Western, vaguely medieval-based fantasy looks, how military movies look. The MCU did them all well, but they’d been done before.

Then in strides Black Panther, with its wealth of color, texture, and fashion both ancient and contemporary. Audiences saw with the deep green of the River Tribe, the bright coral of the Dora…

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