High School Sweethearts Who Are Still Together Share Their Relationship Advice

There’s a lot of good advice in adalab‘s response, including “they are the only family you ever get to pick and you picked them, not some version of them you hope they could be.” Amen to that. They also recommend letting your partner have their own hobbies that don’t have to include you. Even going on separate vacations is good for a relationship. You need some alone time every once in a while. 

Remember, a relationship is made of two whole people, not two half-people.Separate hobbies seems to be key for a lot of people in relationships. In my own, my fiancé loves to write and play music, and I love doing pottery and reading books. We are supportive of each other’s hobbies, but they are also entirely our own thing. Kitchens_Witchens_28 adds that it is super important to learn how to…

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