GoT Is Still A Good TV Series Despite Not Ending How Viewers imagined

For months, Game of Thrones fans looked forward to the final season, speculating about where the story would go, and who would end up on the Iron Throne. Everyone had their own ideas; as did the show’s writers. But just because the plot wasn’t how you imagined it doesn’t mean the final series was bad.

Of course, it’s natural for us to take guesses at the plot of a TV series or film. We’ll often share our thoughts with whoever we’re watching with, and there are countless internet threads dedicated to taking tiny details of story lines and following them to every possible conclusion.

But you have to admit, correctly guessing a plot doesn’t say much for the show’s writers. If fans can predict the outcome, then it’s too easy. A show should surprise viewers by giving us the unexpected, and most of the time big twists are met with awe from fans.

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