Godzilla Set To Fight Three Monsters In Colossal Sequel

In the blistering cold Antarctic, a group of scientists huddle in the back of a futuristic jet while anxious soldiers pace about. 

One of the scientists, an older man, consults with a colleague about the viability of some genetic samples. The tension is palpable. Everyone on board knows that something is very wrong.

Eventually, the soldier’s leader decides to take charge of the situation and with grim determination, he thumbs a keypad and opens the plane’s hatch door. It screams open with a bellow, like some ancient prehistoric beast opening its mouth for the first time in millennia.

With one last look at the scientists, the soldier leads his heavily armed team into the ferocious polar winds to an uncertain fate.

Suddenly a man’s voice screams out ‘cut’ and the tension immediately melts. The soldiers begin laughing with the scientists before making their way back on board the plane as a mob of makeup artists, stylists, and film crew flock around them to reset the scene for another take.

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