Game Of Thrones : How Arya Stark Earned Her Destiny

It was one of the most jaw dropping moments of the show, with the tension of the seemingly hopeless Battle of Winterfell splintering like a sheet of ice.

Arya Stark – a young woman who in happier days play-fought with wooden swords – destroyed the Night King with her own quick thinking, skill with weaponry, and steely nerve.

With one well placed jab of Valyrian steel, Arya put an end to the malevolent supernatural force which has overshadowed the series since the very first scene.

A slightly slower reaction or a less confident aim and all would have been lost. It was an assassin, not a soldier who was needed to smash this icy devil to smithereens, and Arya was the catlike killer prepped to pounce.

Unfortunately, Arya’s victory hasn’t sat well with all viewers, with some accusing the showrunners of having created a ‘Mary Sue’ character.

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