Game Of Thrones Fans Demands Complete Remake Of Season 8

I do get some of the backlash against season eight of Game of Thrones, I really do.

I personally think a couple more seasons would have helped steer the storyline more effectively, and would ensure that certain explosive moments felt less rushed.

The characters and the dialogue – so poetic in the first few seasons – were always more important than the shock and gore. The escalated action as we hurtle towards the end feels more expedient than satisfying.

However, there is no denying that Game of Thrones is still an exceptional – and extremely watchable – show, flying wings and tail above other prestige dramas of its ilk.

It may lack the slow exposition and philosophical musings of years gone by, but I for one am still utterly gripped by the drama of it all, stray coffee cups and all.

Indeed, there are many excellent qualities to the cinematic, post-literary Westeros, which brings heart-stopping thrills at every turn. It is undoubtedly great television, even if the years of committed fandom haven’t quite paid off.

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