Feel free to checkout all the Cast of ‘Paradise Hotel’

Paradise Hotel

If you happen to remember Paradise Hotel from the early aughts, the reality competition series is back three nights a week for a revival. As hostess Kristin Cavallari teases in preview ahead of tonight’s premiere, “Come for the romance, stay for the drama.” Like its predecessor, Paradise Hotel follows a group of 11 attractive singles who get to stay in a hotel and play a game of last-one-standing. “The rules are really simple,” the Very Cavallari star says: “Hook up or you’re checking out.”

According to the show’s description, “each week, these singles will vote off one of their fellow residents to make room for a new guest.” But the show has added a new 2019 twist: viewers can play along from the comfort of their couches, “using social media to try and influence what happens on screen, including helping to decide who stays and who goes.”

Well, since fans have a stake in the game, it seems imperative we learn more about the contestants who make up the cast of Paradise Hotel in order to begin to decide on our faves, and who should stay and who should go.

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