Far From Home has a cameo that will make fans go nuts

Contains spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home

There are countless reasons to get hyped up for Spider-Man: Far From Home — there’s the web-flinging action, the international setting, the adorable romance between Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and MJ (Zendaya), and the emotional beats the story will hit as the world settles into to a new normal post-undusting and after the death of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.).

But if you think that the excitement stops when the final shot of Far From Home fades to black, you’re sorely mistaken. We here at Looper can confirm that there’s a surprise cameo included in a mid-credits scene that will make longtime Spider-Man fans totally freak out.

It goes without saying that we’re going to get into major spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home from this point on. Those hoping to walk into theaters with a clear head and no context, turn away. Everyone else, stick with us as we reveal the epic cameo featured in Far From Home.

A little…

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