Erica Mena & Safaree Are Refusing To Vaccinate Their Child!!

Love & Hip Hop stars Erica Mena and Safartee Samuels are refusing to vaccinate their child. The married couple are expecting their first child together in a few months, and the baby will NOT be getting his/her vaccinations.

Erica posted about their decision on Instagram yesterday:

While some of the Love & Hip Hop couple’s fans agreed with their decision – most did not. Here’s a sample of some of the angry responses they got from fans:

 “Just pray the kid doesn’t get measles encephalitis, or god-forbid, Tetanus.”

“I vaccinate my child? Why? Because I don’t want my kid to die, or contract mumps and never have the option of having children of his own. Vaccines are not the cause of autism….

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