Endgame re-release fails to beat Avatar

The Avengers came up short during their final mission.

Despite a re-release that featured a few minutes of new footage, Avengers: Endgame will keep its place as the second highest-grossing film of all time, leaving Avatar in the top spot it’s held for a decade.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Endgame performed respectably at the weekend box office, especially considering the film itself is unchanged aside from a few new tidbits during the closing credits. With an additional $5.5 million in the domestic market and a $2.3 million pull from overseas, its worldwide total is now $2.76 billion, but that’s still $27 million short of Avatar‘s record of $2.78 billion.

Since experts agree it would be “impossible” for Endgame to pick up another $27 million in the immediate future, it seems the plan to topple Avatar has come to a close, despite head Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige’s attempt to snag the top spot in the record books.

Feige announced Endgame‘s re-release at the end of…

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