Disney’s Little Mermaid eyes Melissa McCarthy

Disney’s The Little Mermaid may have found its villain.

Melissa McCarthy is reportedly in talks to portray Ursula in the live-action remake of the iconic 1989 animated film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. While the deal hasn’t closed yet, McCarthy seems like an absolute no-brainer to take on the role.

The Little Mermaid is perhaps the most beloved of the Mouse House’s films from its late ’80s and early ’90s resurgence, and Ursula the Sea Witch has become as iconic an antagonist as any from the studio’s Golden Age. The live-action versions of Disney’s classics have done big box office in recent years, beginning with director Jon Favreau’s 2016 edition of Jungle Book, which boasted masterful production design and served as an emphatic proof-of-concept. That film nearly broke a billion dollars at the global box office, and more success followed with the 2017 Emma Watson starrer Beauty and the Beast, which raked in over $1.2 billion dollars worldwide.

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