Demi Lovato’s Nudes Were Reportedly Leaked (Everything We Know)

Unfortunately, hackers have been targeting celebrities for several years. You may recall almost 30 years ago, when Prince Charles’ phone calls were leaked, exposing his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, Shaq also had texts leaked in the early 2000s, revealing his alleged affairs.

Olivia Munn has also had nudes unveiled, and so has Paris Hilton.

Cyber-hacking is an ongoing issue, and unfortunately, tracking down the attackers can be nearly impossible.

Right now, all of us are hoping for the best in terms of Demi’s well-being. Having her nude photos of herself released against her consent is obviously beyond traumatizing.

Hopefully, Demi is staying positive through all of this, and not letting any of it affect her… though that is definitely easier said than done.

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