DC villain set for SyFy original series

Krypton is getting a spin-off — and it’ll give center stage to a character who has waited a long time to get his live-action due.

On the very day that he’s set to make his debut in the first episode of Krypton‘s second season, SyFy has announced that it’s developing a solo series for the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo. Irish actor Emmett J. Scanlan, who will be recurring on Krypton as the character, is assumed to be starring, although this has not been officially confirmed. (via Variety)

Considering the long road that Lobo has taken to the live-action realm (and the fact SyFy hasn’t had the chance to gauge fans’ reaction to Scanlan’s interpretation of the character), the move is a bit surprising. On the surface, though, it can be read as a vote of confidence on the part of the cabler that Scanlan is hitting the sweet spot. Krypton, which focuses on the events which will eventually lead to the destruction of Superman’s home planet, has been well-received by DC fandom…

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