Cyn Santana: I Dumped Joe Budden & It Was My Best Decision!!

Joe Budden’s fiancé Cyn Santana is speaking out about how their relationship ended. According to Cyn, she dumped Joe – and she claims that it’s the “:best decidsion that she’s ever  made.”

Cyn sat down with interviewer Tiffany Pollard, and spilled the  tea on her relationship.

Tiffany asked her, “Do you think having a high profile relationship could have played a part in you guys deciding to separate?”

Cyn immediately snapped back, “We didn’t on anything. I did what I had to do for my mental health, my peace, and for my son.”

Cyn continued, “It was a decision that I had to make on my own. [We were not] in unison.”

And she added, “[Dumping Joe] was the best decision that  I’ve ever made in my…

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