Chevy Chase just gets shadier and shadier

When Chevy Chase opened up about his decision to leave SNL (via Live From New York), he appeared to shift a significant portion of the blame onto his second wife, Jacqueline Carlin. “Look, I would have stayed,” Chase said. “There was this girl I wanted to marry, and all that. Lorne knew she was wrong for me, but I thought I was in love.” Chase married the model and actress in December 1976, but Carlin (who appeared uncredited in a handful of SNL sketches) sued for divorce in 1978, just 17 months after they’d tied the knot. “Citing threats of violence from her husband, she asked the court to keep him away from their house,” a decades-old Chicago Tribune report revealed. “[Chase], she said, had ”lost perspective.”

The fact that Chase was claiming his former partner pressured him into leaving apparently didn’t go down well with some of the females on the SNL staff, one of whom described it as a blatant “blame the bitch” strategy. The authors of Saturday Night: A…

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