Check Out Sharon Osbourne Before and After Her Facelift: Pictures

“It was five weeks ago today I had my operation and I had my neck done, my jowls gone, and they basically went ‘whoop’ like this,” she confessed, while motioning with her hands. Adding, “But everything was just lifted up so it looks more refreshed and more tight.” Newest panelist Marie dished out compliments, saying, “Can I tell you seriously for just five weeks ago, I think she looks incredible.”

When asked how she is feeling post-surgery, Sharon responded that she is doing “okay,” but still has some pain under her jaw. She continued, “But, you can’t complain when you wanted to do it, so it’s fine.”

The co-host teased the procedure at the end of last season, stating in May that her “next surgery is booked.” She revealed at the time: “I’m having it…

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