Betty Idol From Love & Hip Hop Joins CARTEL CREW!!

 Betty Idol from Love & Hip Hop is starring in a new reality show – Cartel Crew. MTO News has confirmed that Betty has signed on to star in season 2 of Cartel Crew.

Betty was a supporting cast member for season 5 of Love &  Hip Hop Atlanta. The biracial singer (she’s Latin and Black) is originally  from Houston, and is best known for singing the hook on Pick Ross song Thug City.

While on Love & Hip Hop, Betty was D. Smith’s best friend and confidante. She pursued a romance with Scrappy during that season, and clashed with Bambi and Tammy.

Well now she has a new home – on  the  VH1 series Cartel Crew.

Its turns out that Betty (who is half Columbian) has family ties to drug cartels in Latin…

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  1. I wish stars like Betty would be able to talk to the public so we could realy get to know the stars and strong women i so love.
    And i love totally how Betty is trying to help the poor families at the Wall.
    And how it was mentioned on Cartel Crew about the Border Angels. Alot of people dont and didnt even know about this organization.
    I wish more then life itself to meet her.
    But now that ive learned about this organization im going to make more jewelry and would love to give half of my sales to this organization.

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