Are ‘Marrying Millions’ Stars Gentille and Brian Still Married?

“It shocked me, but I wasn’t totally surprised… just because he was so secretive about where he lived and even his age,” she told All About the Tea. “I’m pretty laid back for the most part and I just let men do what they do… if they want to tell me something they will, if not, it’s whatever. But I do understand why he didn’t want to tell me originally.”

Gentille’s friends aren’t exactly fond of Brian.

Gentille is exceptionally close with her friends, and several of them aren’t so sure Brian is the right guy for her. During an episode of Marrying Millions that aired in early August, Brian was late to Gentille’s party — and her friends were disappointed.

“Why [are] you not being a gentleman?” Gentille’s friend demanded to know. “I think you really need to, like, do a…

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  1. I think that you were too harsh on Brian. He really loves you. To listen to those harpies (sorry, but that’s what they act like) is not the way to go. They are just jealous that you are happy, and they’re not. Have you chanted about it? How you hurt him is not cool either.

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