Reasons Why YouTuber James Charles Loses One Million Subscribers In A Day

James Charles, the 19-year-old YouTuber and beauty vlogger, has taken a serious hit in the subscribers department after a number of allegations made against him recently came to light.

Charles has amassed over 16 million followers on YouTube in around three years, though in little more than a day more than one million of those have unsubscribed due to his recent behaviour.

The 19-year-old made an appearance at the recent Met Gala, but caused controversy when he called it ‘a step forward for influencer representation in the media’.

He wrote:

my first met gala… thank you so much @youtube for inviting me and @alexanderwangny for dressing me! being invited to such an important event like the ball is such an honor and a step forward in the right direction for influencer representation in the media and I am so excited to be a catalyst

However, many people called him out for the comment, saying things like: ‘James broke the rule number #1 Never bite the hand that feeds you’, ‘Sorry but James Charles using the words “influencer representation” and not even doing it ironically has ruined the rest of my year’, and ‘James Charles really said “influencer representation” as if he’s been discriminated against for being a millionaire youtuber.’

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