Mystery gal seen yachting with Carmelo Anthony revealed

Carmelo Anthony’s mystery yacht pal has been identified as Sara Smiri, according to multiple sources. But one insider close to the situation told Page Six that she’s married and that Smiri is “not her current last name.”

The former Knicks star and the bikini-clad beauty were spotted sunbathing on a yacht this week, prompting blogs to speculate that Melo had strayed at sea from wife La La.

A source confirmed to Page Six that Smiri was the woman in the pics.

But the insider said that while she uses “Smiri” on Instagram, it’s not her married name. Multiple outlets reported that Smiri is 28 and single, despite Anthony’s releasing a video shooting down the rumors and claiming she has a family. “Y’all trying to expose somebody’s wife,” he implored. “Y’all exposing somebody’s kids. Leave that alone, man. That ain’t cool.” He’s said he was on a retreat with his business partner.

An insider added to Page Six, “She’s married. Her husband is…

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