Mariah Carey’s ex-manager blames singer in sexual assault suit

Mariah Carey’s ex-manager is threatening to “lay bare” the singer’s secrets in court.

Stella Bulochnikov — who managed Carey for three years until an acrimonious split in 2017 — is being sued by Carey’ former assistant Lianna Shakhnazaryan, who claims that Bulochnikov sexually assaulted her.

But in a countersuit, Bulochnikov blamed Carey for the whole situation — and ominously threatened to “lay bare” the “troubling reason” for the “Butterfly” star’s culpability.

In her suit, Bulochnikov claims that — far from being a victim of misconduct — Shakhnazaryan was a menace to people who worked around her.

In court papers, Bulochnikov admitted that she and former pal Shakhnazaryan used to engage in friendly “horseplay” while on tour with Carey. But in the suit she claims, “[Shakhnazaryan’s] horseplay was far more aggressive and inappropriate compared to Stella’s benign conduct.”

The suit claims Bulochnikov has video of Shakhnazaryan…

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