List Of Celebs Who Were Killed By Own Fans

Celebrities garner massive amounts of attention. Why should we focus on our own lives when the life of a Kardashian is so different and exciting? And it doesn’t have to just be Kardashians. Fans of music, sports, and movies all have their own celeb crushes and poster children. We just want to know everything about these amazing people who have taken the world by storm. What clothes do they wear? What choices do they make that put them ahead of the pack? What does Beyonce eat? What elixir of youth has kept Steve Buscemi alive so long? How much deodorant does Justin Bieber use?

You can see the problem. If you aren’t careful, that celeb crush can slip into a full-blown obsession, and before you know it you’re sitting in a conversion van across the street from Adele’s house and holding a telephoto lens. Then the emotions set in. Jealousy, anger, rage, whatever. Every now and then, this attraction toward famous people proves fatal. These celebs received the wrong kind of devotion from dangerous fans.

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