Danny Amendola moving on after messy Olivia Culpo breakup

Danny Amendola is moving on following his messy split from model Olivia Culpo.

The Detroit Lions receiver, who previously ranted about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit stunner in a since-deleted Instagram post, “has been talking to and texting other girls,” a source told Us Weekly. Amendola had hit the beach with model Emily Tanner in May.

Amendola, 33, “self-sabotaged” his relationship with Culpo, 27, according to the magazine’s source.

“He tells people that Olivia wanted to get married and he basically self-sabotaged their relationship because he didn’t want that. There were a few times where they broke up and got back together, but they just don’t work well together,” the insider said.

Culpo broke up with Amendola in October 2018 after the former New England Patriots star was photographed at the beach with journalist Bianca Peters. Culpo and Amendola were rumored to have gotten back together earlier this year, but the veteran called out his ex in April,…

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