Amazing Cosplayer 40lbs Lose For Avengers Premiere

For many of us, we experienced Avengers: Endgame in our local cinema, surrounded by other excited fans and, probably, a few noisy kids who had been dragged there by parents who couldn’t find a sitter.

That’s not to say the Avengers movies aren’t for kids of course, but seeing as they’ve been in the works for over a decade, there’s bound to be some families where the parents are way more into it than the kids ever will be.

For a few lucky fans around the world though, the first time they saw Endgame was in a cinema with the Avengers themselves, having been at the red carpet event with the cast of the film.

One such fan was Skyler Pinales, a cosplayer from Utah, who went to the Los Angeles premiere of Endgame along with a number of fellow dedicated fans looking uncannily like the heroes onscreen. Though it wasn’t just Skyler’s natural resemblance to Chris Pratt that got him into cosplay, as the activity has helped him through struggles with depression and body positivity issues.

Before getting into cosplay, Skyler didn’t even know what Guardians of the Galaxy was, and it wasn’t until friends started saying he looked like Chris Pratt that he finally watched the film and decided to give it a go – and it’s obviously paid off.

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